Deepen your knowledge of American Indian Boarding School history. Here you will find a carefully curated list of materials available in the Heard Museum’s Billie Jane Bagulely Library and Archives, an educational film list and partner organizations to visit.

Heard Museum Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives Resources

Away From Home: American Indian Boarding School Stories
Bibliography compiled by Janet Cantley, Curator and Betty Murphy, Librarian

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Away From Home bibliography | Billie Jane Bagulely Library and Archives

Other Resources

Films on American Indian Boarding Schools

The Lost Ones; The Long Journey Home. Documents the story of two Lipan Apache children captured along the Texas-Mexican border in 1877 and taken to Carlisle Indian School. The story reconnects Lipan community with their lost ones. Carlisle, PA: Dickinson College Community Studies Center, DVD, 2017

Indian School: Stories of Survival. New York: Films Media Group, Films for the Humanities and Sciences, DVD, 41 min., 2011.

Our Spirits Don’t Speak English: Indian Boarding School. Dallas, TX: Rich-Heape Films, Inc., DVD, 80 min., 2008

The Thick Dark Fog. The story of Walter Littlemoon and how he had to confront his past after attending an Indian boarding school in South Dakota so he could renew himself and his community. High Valley Films, DVD, 56 min., 2012.

Films on Canadian Residential Schools

A Century of Genocide in the Americas: The Residential School Experience. A documentary about how Indian residential schools became a haven for institutionalized sexual abuse. Native Voices Production, DVD, 19 min., 2003.

Healing the Hurts. A healing process of cultural recovery from the traumatic experience of Indian boarding schools of the past. Surrey, BC: Four Directions International, DVD. 59 min., 2004

The Residential Schools: The other side of the residential school story. First Nations Films, DVD, 120 minutes, 2006

The Fallen Feather. Indian Industrial Residential Schools Canadian Confederation. Directed by Randy Bezeau, DVD, 94 min. December 2007.

We Were Children. We Were Children is a Canadian documentary film about the experiences of First Nations children in the Canadian Indian residential school system. Director: Tim Wolochatiuk, DVD, 60 min., 2012

Films on Australian residential schools

Rabbit-Proof Fence. Three mixed-race girls are torn brutally from their Aboriginal mother and sent over a thousand miles away to a training camp for domestic workers as part of a government policy to integrate them into white society. Linking the camp and their distant home territory is a vast rabbit-proof fence, which stretches from one coast to another and just might help the girls find their way back. Director: Phillip Noyce, DVD, 1 hr. 34 min., 2002

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